Besides a helmet and obviously a bike, one of the best investments you can buy (for summer) is a decent pair of bib shorts. It’s often warned during winter of possibly overheating: too many layers coupled with physical exertion and you can see why. Although you are less likely to overheat rather than dehydrate the concern remains in summer. Especially a South African summer where temperatures can reach 28C in the mornings alone. Unfortunately you don’t want to find yourself in one of these situations in SA either so prevention is definitely preferred over a cure, but how?


Drink before, during and after your ride. The first point seems pretty logical but mistakes happen. Always keep a bottle or even 2 on your bike, filled with water, regardless of how long you intend to be on the road for. A 20 km cycle after a heavy night and you may find yourself flat on your back after 8 km. Water. Always have it on you.

Having the correct gear is the next thing on the list and we come back to the point I made right in the beginning of this. A pair of bib shorts is one of the best things a cyclist can buy for summer riding. With many big races, approaching, such as the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, the correct gear can make the difference between finishing or not. Bib shorts don’t restrict circulation on the lower body as opposed to regular shorts, making them ideal during long distance rides. FiT currently stocks the Neo-Lite power Bib a perfect choice for someone considering taking the next step in their cycling journey, without breaking the bank.

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Summer is the best time for cycling: beautiful days in a country as beautiful as South Africa makes it – in my opinion – one of the best places in the world to cycle. Comfort or concern for one’s well being should never be a problem for cyclists, enjoying the ride and enjoying the burn should be the only concern. Would any of us go out each weekend if we only stressed over punctures? So don’t hamstring yourself before you begin. It will always be beneficial to spend that little extra and potentially be laughed at by your buddies as you begin only to chuckle at them as they fight the chaffing halfway into the ride.

Ride safe everyone, enjoy the beautiful SA summer!