We all love cycling. That feeling of satisfaction when you’ve reached the top of that climb or the wind through your hair as you accelerate ever faster down that hill. It’s indescribable. As someone who runs and cycles there truly is nothing better than jumping on my bike on a lazy Sunday and gliding along the roads to my favourite coffee shop. The thought of making that journey on foot just isn’t the same.

There are 2 types of people though. Road bike users or Mountain bike junkies. Do you prefer the grace of the road or the road less travelled over the mountain? Each is equally challenging, so don’t mistake this as a comparison, rather an appreciation that a tool as simple as a bicycle can allow us to do so much.


South Africa is a beautiful place, we often don’t realise how lucky we are to live in a countrylike this. World class cycling races are held in South Africa for both Road and Off-Road cycling, with breath-taking views to match. Cape Town Cycle Tour, 94.7 Cycle Xhallenge, ABSA Cape Epic and the Royal Drakensburg MTB race are just some of the numerous races being held in South Africa. There is no bigger motivator then preparing for a race. Sign up for a race and plan your training for that. Tangible goals are the most successful ones.


FIT sports lab’s often sponsors people who compete in road and MTB races and have a huge variety of gear and apparel so you can get exactly what you need to suit the situation. So whether you’re cruising the streets or taking it off road, we can likely ensure you’re dressed (and fuelled) for the best possible success.

Which ride do you prefer?