Revo XR3


The Revo XR3 shoes have a ventilated nylon outsole with interchangeable insoles to let air in or keep it out depending on the time of year.
Two straps with a ratchet create a perfect fit. Heel is reflective for visibility when riding before or after daylight hours.



Available from 38 - 45 Euro


White with Red



  • Ergo Air Reinforced Nylon Outsole with Patented Multivent System: Provides excellent rigidity and increased ventilation
  • HRS-90 with a 0.4 mm Membrane: Maintains heel positioning and reduces loss of power
  • Synthetic Leather and Mesh Support: Provides comfort, good support and breathable
  • Ergo Air Cool Stuff Blue Insoles for Warm Temperatures: Allows for thru-ventilation
  • Decentered Straps: Provide effective heel support
  • Main Ratchet Closure and Velcro Straps: Effective support
  • Adjustable Vertical Ratchet: Effective support for various types of forefoot pedaling
  • Heel Reflector: Improves visibility
  • Cleat Position Indicator Compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, TIME, LOOK and SPEEDPLAY Cleats with Shims (F-4, R-4)
  • Approximate Weight (size 42/1 shoe): 263 g

Price: ZAR0.00


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