Europcar Replica Bib


Replica version of Europcar Pro Cycling Team Kit.



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Ultra Signature

  • Stretchy knit with a high spandex component, which recovers its shape even though it has been stretched
  • Has a superior opacity to that of most knits used in the confection of cycling shorts
  • The quality of the nylon used gives among the best abrasion resistance for a knit
  • Stretchy knit: 77% nylon, 23% spandex
  • 230 g/m², 6.9oz/sq yd
  • This fabric has a UPF/SPF 50
  • Like all knits, it is recommended to avoid abrasive materials and surfaces

Lycra Pro

  • Stretchable knit with the unique ability to stretch and recover its shape like no other fibre. This knit has a UPF/SPF 50. Stretchy knit: 75% polyester, 25% Lycra® 235 g/m2, 7 oz/sq yd Like all knits, it is recommended to avoid abrasive materials and surfaces. Invista™


  • Its dimpled mesh structure provides ventilation, breathability, but has above all great hydrodynamic and aerodynamic properties
  • The shape stability of this knit provides an excellent muscle support
  • This fabric absorbs less water and therefore dries much faster
  • Extremely stable high-quality product that maintains its properties and color after being exposed to a concentration in chlorine exceeding 15 times the prescribed swimming pool level
  • This knit has a UPF/SPF 50
  • Stretchy knit: 77% nylon, 23% Lycra®
  • Like all knits, it is recommended to avoid abrasive materials and surfaces



  • Ergonomic fit
  • 8 panels
  • Stretchable trim on bib straps
  • Signature leg gripper
  • Inseam 9.25"/23 cm


Chamois (Airzone)

  • Optimal comfort
  • Developed with the B.E.M. (Beveled Molding Edges) high-density perforated memory foam. This technology eliminates any drastic drops of heights at the edge of the foam, resulting in a smooth transition, no pinching points and no chafing
  • Vents with reduced size, but doubled numbers to maintain breathability without sacrificing comfort
  • Foam and fabric used for this chamois maximize moisture wicking
  • Fabric treated with anti-bacterial solution to combat the effects of retained moisture, which can increase the growth of bacteria
  • Chamois conforms ergonomically with the human body
  • Pre-molded wings for superior and ergonomic fit
  • 4-way stretch maximizes fit and contour
  • Seamless construction
  • Thinner perineal area relieves pressure

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