You’ve bought the bike. You’ve bought the gear. Now you want to ride. Why not consider joining a cycling club? The benefits to new riders far outweigh the potential costs you might need to incur.

Here are 3 reasons you might want to consider joining a cycling club:

1. Find cycling routes

Road riding can be dangerous. We’ve all seen or experienced a car zooming past and almost taking a cycler out (or doing just that). By riding with a cycling club you’ll be privvy to select routes in your area that the club has tried and tested. Cycling clubs know the quieter routes and back roads to make the ride safer and more enjoyable. If you’re new to cycling this will ensure you’re safer and also not faced with an uphill completely out of your skill level.

2. Meet new people

Cycling is best done socially. By joining the cycling club you’ll meet a host of new people who share your love for the ride and passion for all things bike. Most club rides include the obligatory stop at the nearest coffee shop and will allow you a chance to not only make new friends but also network. There was a time when South Africans said business deals were sealed on the golf course – now they’re sealed on the back of a bike.

3. Be prepared for your next race

Whether you’re a mountain biker or road racer, joining a cycling club with individuals aiming for the same goals as you is a huge benefit. Not only will you be able to better train for your up coming competition but it might encourage you to enter a race knowing you’ll be with guys who’ve “been there” and “done that”. They’ll be able to assist in prepping the best training plan and ensuring you’re ready on race day.

join a cycling club

Cycling is a social sport. A good cycling club will go a long way to assisting in ensuring you’re ready come race day or that you have a great morning out on your bike on the weekends. Plus there are added health benefits (and rewards) as well!