Every year the biggest cycling event crashes into Johannesburg and brings the city to a standstill for the day. It’s a day when every cycling enthusiast comes out and either rides for one of the many charities or competes in the main race – that is just the challenge!  There are a ton of other races during that weekend and weekends prior, as well as the massive Cycle Expo hosted at the Dome in Northgate.

Here’s what you need to know leading up to Joburg’s biggest cycling weekend:

The Route

Riders will be well away of the designated route of the 2016 cycle challenge but often forget how it impacts the individuals who do not partake in the glorious sport of cycling.


It can’t be stressed enough that you should avoid using any of these routes over the 947 cycle challenge weekend unless you are well equipped to wait in the Johannesburg summer heat as thousands of cyclists speed past you on the one day where they have right of way. If traffic isn’t your thing, and you aren’t supporting in person it might be better to remain at home. There will be some fantastic cycling on the TV!

The Expo

The Expo, which runs from the 17th to the 19th of November, is the next best thing after the race itself on the 20th. Here you’ll find absolutely anything and everything with regards to cycling. If you’re taking part in the cycle challenge, this is where you’ll need to come to collect your race pack! FiT Sports Lab will have 2 stands at the Expo showcasing all our gear and accessories to ensure you are fully prepared for the race come Sunday.

Mountain Bike, Family Ride and Kiddies Ride.

The Cycle challenge isn’t the only race during the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.  Between the 10th and the 12th Riversands farm hosts the 10km Family Fun ride and the Kiddies 947 ride culminating in the gruelling Telkom 947 Mountain Bike ride on the 12th of November.


This is the perfect excuse to get out with the family and kids and just have some fun before the main event the following weekend and definitely not to be missed!


An event this size doesn’t have its hiccups and a ton of admin work gets put in to make it as stress free as possible. So here’s what you need to know so that you can focus on what matters on the day.

  • Race packs can be collected throughout the Expo (17th – 19th) and you’ll need your barcoded Race Pack collection document so don’t leave that at home!
  • If you’re doing the Mountain Bike challenge you’ll need to collect your number between the 10th and 12th but be careful, the Kiddies race will restrict your ability to collect your number so rather come on the Thursday or Friday to collect.
  • You aren’t the only one cycling the Telkom 947 Cycle challenge. Traffic will be a headache on the day so leave early! Remember everyone arriving will be rushing just as you are – so there’s no point freaking out about parking. Check out the below image so you can see exactly where you need to go.


And that is it! Everything you need to know to make your 2016 Cycle Challenge the best yet!