Cycling as a sport has been embroiled in scandals in recent years. It’s never nice to read about the latest scandal about a sport you’re so passionate about that you built your livelihood on it. It hurts. It hurts the sport and it hurts the chances of truly great athletes entering the sport. They might lose out on sponsorship deals and accolades because someone doping is claiming the rewards. There’s no scenario where the sport of cycling benefits.


Thanks to improved doping tests the days of “new” ways to enhance your performance are (touch wood) at an end. People will always look for shortcuts but I’m hopeful we will never have another Lance Armstrong catastrophe.

A few months ago a cyclist was caught for using a concealed motor inside the bike frame to give him the edge in a mountain bike race. Today (29/07/2016) it was announced that the Tour de France will begin to use high tech scanning equipment in an attempt to catch anyone using a concealed motor.


It is jaw dropping that people are going to such lengths to give them the edge in a race. When did hard work and determination become unacceptable options in order to win? Where do the cycling bodies go from here with regards to cheaters? Some argue 2-3 year ban are enough others say lifetime bans are the only deterrence.

This brazen behaviour isn’t limited to the most elite competitions; unfortunately they are the only ones to get the attention. I only hope that anyone competing or organising future events are extra vigilant. It takes a collective effort to root out this utter disregard of the rules. What reason is there to play a game(compete) when you intend to play a different game to the rest?

It’s disappointing to see a new breed of cheaters begin to emerge in cycling, but the overwhelming condemnation from the cycling community shows that cycling is well on the way to becoming clean and fair again. Hard work is the only way to truly experience a win. What’s the point of setting a career best if a motor or drug did all the work?