Spring is quite literally around the corner. And, again, we are left thinking that winter never really came this year which begs the question of whether or not this summer will be another scorcher?

Although it was a mild winter, waking up in darkness to train or just get some exercise was a brutal affair. Only the strong and wildly determined succeeded in doing so. It’s also that time of year when many people are considering how to achieve that perfect “summer” body. Let’s face facts, it’s still not Spring yet and mornings can still be quite chilly. So when is the best time to begin your new training regime?

Right now.



Just before spring is the best time to begin anew. Although not exactly warm yet, it’s not too cold. This means that once you get going the slight chill lingering in the air will give you that push to start but you warm up very quickly and don’t need any of that winter training gear.

You will also notice that everyday it’s a little warmer and it’s a little lighter in the morning sky, as if the very world itself is coming out to watch you and encourage you to train. We can’t think of a better motivator than the Earth itself!

The training in turn becomes slightly easier as although you may be running the same distance as last week if not more, the increased exposure to the coming brighter days help you combat fatigue and generally just make you feel better as opposed to the dark gloomy mornings of Winter. If watching the sunrise stronger and brighter each day doesn’t help improve your mental resilience to overcome your obstacles the only other thing we can recommend is (FIT product here)

Don’t wait until spring is here, start now.