We all likely have fond memories of learning to ride a bike as a child. It was exhilarating when those training wheels came off and we were on our own. There are a host of reasons why children should learn to ride a bicycle. However we’ve decided to pinpoint three reasons for you to encourage your little one to ride socially or competitively. These are our top 3 reasons your children should learn to ride a bike:

1. Physical activity

This is a pretty obvious point but one we’re going to harp on about anyway. There is nothing more important then ensuring in our very digital world our kids get outside and get some fresh air flowing through their lungs. That is why cycling is so incredibly great for little ones as it allows them a chance to do just that. It keeps them active and ensures they get some much needed physical activity that they might miss out on when stuck behind their gaming console.

2. Mental Strength

Some recent research done showed that children who ride their bikes to school are more focused and ready to learn when compared to those who were driven. In South Africa this isn’t always an option as we live in a large country where schools are inherently far from our homes and it isn’t always safe for our kids to cycle there. However, that should stop you from encouraging your children to ride their bikes during their “down” time or on weekends. Riding their bicycles is an especially good activity during exam time. Encourage them to take study breaks and cycle to refresh their brains.

3. Family time

Cycling is a great way to ensure quality family time while also promoting physical activity. There is nothing better than a Sunday morning ride to the local coffee shop. Make this a family affair!